Dive Holiday to Scapa Flow, Orkney, Scotland


  • Destination: Scapa Flow, Orkney, Scotland
  • Departure Date: 10th October 2008
  • Duration: 8 days
  • Cost: £310.00


This trip has already taken place, please see the dive travel page for listings of other future trips.

Trip Information

For those of you who are wondering why on earth you would want to go diving in Scotland - a brief history lesson!!

 In the wake of the First World War, part of the armisitce agreement dictated that the majority of the German High Seas Fleet be sent to the Royal Naval base at Scpap Flow in the Orkney Islands. In Novemebr 1918, seventy-four ships of the German Fleet arrived at Scapa, and were under orders to remain there until the terms of Germany's surrender were determined elsewhere.

Ten months later, it was becoming clear that the Germans would have no option but to accept whatever terms were put to them. Knowing this, the German Officer in Command at Scapa, Rear Admiral Von Reuter, ordered that all 74 ships be scuttled, rather than have to hand them over to the British.

 Of the seventy-four ships that were scuttled, only seven are still to be found where they went down. The majority were salvaged in the years follwing the war. Of that seven, there are three Konig Class Battleships and four Dresden Class Light Cruisers. Aside from this, there are a large number of other wrecks sunk in the flow, to help protect it form German U-boats during both world wars. Today, all of this has led Scapa Flow to earn a reputation as one of the worlds best wreck diving sites.


As mentioned above, the cost of the week will be £310. This will include all of the following : 

  • 6 day of diving (two dives per day)
  • Accommodation. The boat we are using for the week is the MV Sharon Rose. The Sharon Rose is capable of sleeping up to 12 in cosy, but very comfortable bunks!
  • Breakfast and lunch 
  • Hire of lead and cylinders
  • Airfills (not nixed gases) 

The diving ranges in depth from 18-45 metres. The visibility can be very varied, and certain dives are sometimes prone to strong currents. Anyone wishing to join the trip will need to be at least an Advanvced Open Water Diver with proof of experience of UK diving.

While we will be staying on the boat, it will moor up in Stromness Harbour every night. This means that you are able to head out to a local pub/restaurant in the evening for food. There is also the option of everyone buying food collectively to be cooked on the boat. Obviously this will be decieded on arrival.

Please note that the following is NOT included in the cost :

  • All equipment must be taken with you (except lead and tanks) We are able to hire out equipment  at reduced rates. Please get in touch for more details. 
  • Evening meals
  • Transport to and from Scapa Flow (The suggestion would be to arrange that amongst the tweleve of us once bookings are confirmed to work out what would be cheapest and most convenient)

We will be offering a number of different speciality courses at reduced rates during the week. These will include Enriched Air (Nitrox) @ £75, Deep Diver Speciality @ £95 and Wreck Diver (obviously!!) for £105. Speak to either Ian or Rob at the shop or see the relevant links on this website for more details.

If you would like to book your self a place on this trip then please be in touch as soon as possible. Spaces are very limited and this always proves to be a popular week of diving. To confirm any booking we will ask for a deposit of 50% of the full price i.e £155.