SDI Openwater Diver

SDI Openwater Diver

The SDI Openwater Course is the first stage of learning to Scuba Dive.

You need to be a reasonable swimmer and in good health. If you have any medical conditions, you will need to have medical clearance to dive.

The course involves a degree of self study prior to the commencement of the course itself. You will have 2 theory sessions to discuss areas of diving pertinent to an entry level diver. You will be taught a range of underwater skills in a local swimming pool which is then followed a few days later by 4 dives in Openwater. 

Why SDI Openwater Diver?

 For those seeking to learn to dive, the SDI Openwater course gives you the basic grounding of theory and pracical skills to ensure you have a great experience in the underwater world.

SDI have an international reputation for quailty service. The certification is recognised worldwide.

You will be taught by highly experienced Instructors and their support staff. 

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Need more flexibility?

SDI's Openwater course is run in 2 ways:

1) Cardiff based

     - 2 x Tuesday evenings from 6pm - 9.30pm for theory

     - 2 x Wednesday evenings from 6pm - 9.30pm for underwater pool skills training

     - 2 days (Saturday & Sunday of the 2nd week) for the 4 certifying dives

The theory sessions are based at Cardiff Scuba premises 

The pool skills sessions are held at Fitzalan High School pool in Cardiff

The Openwater weekend dives take place at the National Diving & Activity Centre, Chepstow from 8am - 3pm both days


2) Chepstow based

     - All Day Saturday from 8am - 3pm to complete all theory at the National Diving & Activity Centre, Chepstow

     - All day Sunday from 9am - 4pm to complete all underwater skills based at Thornbury Leisure Centre, Bristol

The Openwater weekend dives take place at the National Diving & Activity Centre, Chepstow from 8am - 3pm both days

How do I book myself on a course?

To book yourself on a course please select one of the courses above, send us a message, and we will get back to you to discuss further details.

Course Comments...

Below are comments from previous customers who have taken this course. If you have taken this course with us within the past six months please feel free to post your comments.

"Having tried a dive some time ago I decided to go for Open Water Diver training with my three children (12, 16 and 17).

Rob and the team's professionalism, confidence in us and their calm approach to training was exactly what I needed to make it relaxing and enjoyable.

Happy to recommend them for any 1 to 1, mixed age or family group - superb instruction!"

From Paul Stephens, course taken August 2017

"This course provided me with the basic skills to get out and enjoy diving. I'd like to thank all the staff who helped make this such a fun experience. There is a lot to learn but you are in safe hands with the gang over at Cardiff Scuba.

Massive thank you to Rob who made our last Dive so much fun."

From Paul Vincent, course taken May 2017

"Absolute belter of a course, final dive was a great experience.

Could be more clarity on timings of the course but apart from that its spot on, good instructors, good people, thanks guys!"

From Charlie Sleddon-plant, course taken May 2017

"Was I apprehensive about diving? Yes. But as Cardiff Scuba will tell you: apprehensive is good. It shows you have respect for what you're taking on.

The team at Cardiff Scuba are amazing. I really liked instructor Julia. She was super helpful, although I didn't dive with her. Simon could not have been more accommodating. I did confined water with him, and felt brilliant afterwards. He just helped me to 'get it.'

Rob (or the Sergeant Major as I like to call him) is an absolute force of nature. He knew what I needed well before I did. Tough love, a calming word, a sit down on the naughty step, or a congratulatory shake of that gleaming head at a depth of 15 metres. He just knew what I needed to get through the dives, and for that I am truly grateful.

Today was hard, I won't lie. I made a lot of errors, a lot, and I stressed myself out a fair bit because of it. I trusted Rob absolutely when he said I'd have to repeat my final dive, although all I wanted to do was throw off the gear and mope. But had I done that I wouldn't have had the brilliant finale that I did.

Gliding through the water (ok, I might not have been that graceful), and doing it, Scuba diving, actually doing it and thinking, this is really, really cool.

Do I feel 100% confident now that I can shake a certificate at a dive master. Of course not. But I can progress and nail that buoyancy one day, respect the discipline and stay safe. And I really do have Cardiff Scuba to thank for all that."

From Steve Davies, course taken May 2017

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Further information on SDI Openwater Diver (back to top)

What do I need to start?

  • Openwater Manual & Knowledge Quest 

What will I do?

Collect/receive the Openwater Crewpack approximately 4 weeks (or longer) before the commencement of the course.

Complete both the theory and underwater skills development sessions successfully, prior to taking the 4 Openwater certifying dives.

Arrive on time for all sessions with the required homework completed. 


How long will it take?

 The course runs over a period of:

Option 1

2 weeks - 2 evening theory sessions 6pm - 9.30pm

             - 2 evening underwater skills development sessions 6pm - 9.30pm

             - 2 full days over one weekend to complete the 4 certifying dives 8am - 3pm


Option 2

2 weeks - One full day (Saturday) to complete all theory requirements 8am - 3pm

             - One full day (Sunday) to complete all underwater skills 9am - 4pm

             - 2 full days over one weekend to complete the 4 certifying dives 8am - 3pm

What will I receive at the start of the course?

  • The SDI Openwater Crew Pack

What previous experience do I need?

You must be a reasonable swimmer and have good health. In the event you have a medical condition, this must be assessed by a Diver Knowledgable Doctor.

What do the fees include?

  • All theory session requirements
  • The SDI Openwater Manual and Knowledge Quest
  • Entry to the pool sessions for underwater skills development
  • Any equipment required to take the course
  • Certification on completion of the course

What don't fees include?

  • Travel and/or costs to and from the pool or the Openwater Site
  • Entry fee to the Openwater Site