PADI Deep Diver

Do some dive sites leave you stuck on the boat because the depth limits are beyond your level of experience?


Do you ever find yourself among a group of divers talking about some of the amazing deeper dives they have done and wondering what all the fuss is about?

Do you want to extend your depth limits to beyond the 30 metre range?

Do you want to prepare for technical diver courses?

Do you want to learn how to conduct deep dives safely? 


Why PADI Deep Diver?

If you answered yes to any of the questions above, then the Deep Diver Speciality is the course you should be thinking of. However, most divers should already know that with deeper dives comes more potential hazards. These are not by any means unmanageable, but they demand a level of knowledge and skills that this course is designed to deliver.

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How do I book myself on a course?

To book yourself on a course please select one of the courses above, send us a message, and we will get back to you to discuss further details.

Course Comments...

Below are comments from previous customers who have taken this course. If you have taken this course with us within the past six months please feel free to post your comments.

"Another excellent course delivered by Cardiff scuba!

Mark and Julie have been superb in supporting our learning and bringing their technical knowledge and expertise to supplement this PADI specialty.

Thank you once again!"

From Fotis, course taken September 2017

"Another great course with Cardiff Scuba, as always full of good information and recommend to anyone who wants to develop their skills and training. Safety as always top of the programme.
A big thanks to Mark for running the course along with Jim, Natty and Dave for giving their time to support and help with the course. "

From Alan Nugent, course taken November 2014

"Did my OW and AOW with Cardiff Scuba within the last 12 months. Had nothing but praise from the dive centres I have visited for the standard of training that I had recieved.
I plan to dive the 'Don Pedro' in Ibiza that sits in 40m so it's back to Cardiff Scuba for the Deep Speciality.
After a theory session and briefing with Mark and Gareth, we kit-up and descend to 40m for my tasks. After figuring out which way round the slate had to be, I found a new way to spell Cardiff and got slightly confused looking for numbers, the 'narks' had kicked in. It's a strange sensation, closely observed by my buddy (and trainee Divemaster) Gareth and Insructor Mark. They were amused.
After some surface time at the cafe, did two more deep dives visiting the attractions including some SMB training and polishing some skills. Good use was made of the dive time available.
The debrief sessions are positively driven.
A highly enjoyable and personally rewarding weekend provided by the team, Thankyou."

From Jason Cross, course taken June 2014

"Once again thank you to Cardiff Scuba for a well organised and safe course.

It just goes to show that with the experience, safety considerations and training provided by this excellent team, a free-flowing reg at 30 meters or a computer with a dead battery are not catasrophies and can be easily and safely handled.

At all times I felt well supervised and safe, thank you Mark and Ian for your time and training. A great experience and I look forward to many more with all the team."

From Gareth Rogers, course taken April 2014

"As always the course was lots of fun, whilst being safe and well organised. All of the Cardiff Scuba staff have lots of knowledge, and it is a brilliant place to train! Cheers buddies :)"

From Katie Feagan, course taken January 2014

"Who would have thought that in less than 12 months of diving, I could go from panic in 2 metres deep, to feeling relaxed(ish) in nearly 40 metres.

Rob - I couldn't have done it without you!

The quarry at Chepstow (AKA NDAC) filled me with absolute terror last year, (I still don't know how we got me in the water that 2nd day), but this time, although just as cold, it was the weather and not my nerves making me shiver and shake! - although I spent half the time underwater repeating a nursery rhyme to myself... you had to be there!

Rob, Andy - thank you both for the continuing professional, practical and emotional support. Liz Bettles x"

From Liz Bettles, course taken August 2009

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Further information on PADI Deep Diver (back to top)

What do I need to start?

PADI Deep Diver Manual . The manual is included in course fee.

Kit can be hired if required. 

What will I do?

The course consists of one knowledge development (classroom) session, followed by 3 Open water deep dives. The fourth dive can be creditted to you from your Deep Dive on the Advanced Open  Water course.

The broad aim of the course is to enable you to make safe, no-decompression dives in the 18-40 metre range.

The course covers all of the following : - planning, organisation, procedures, techniques, problems and hazards of deep diving - risk factors and decompression-table review - safety stops and emergency decompression procedures - special equipment, descent lines and bouyancy-control considerations - Deep diving environments - Diving physics & physiology related to deep diving - Diving techniques, RGBM theory and the use of deep stops - Advanced dive planning techniques and gas management - Short and long term deep diving hazards 


How long will it take?

The theory sesson and the 3 (4) Open water dives will then be held over the course of one weekend. 

What previous experience do I need?

Anyone wishing to enrol on the Deep Diver Course must be at least 15 years old, and be certified as a PADI Advanced Open Water Diver (or an equivalent qualification from another certifying organisation). Proof of experince of UK diving may be required.

What do the fees include?

All professional tuition All equipment required for the course (except SMB & Reels, Torches) Course Manual All airfills required for course Insurance costs while on the course All registration fees with PADI upon completion.  

What don't fees include?

Entry fee to dive site used for the Open Water dives. 

Costs of transportation to and from dive sites.

Any personal costs (eg. food, drink, accommodation) 


What can I do once I'm qualified?

Go diving!! The course opens up access to new and exciting dive sites. Many divers you speak to will tell about some great deeper dives they have done. Just be sure to apply everything that you have learned on the course.

What's next?

As mentioned above, this course serves as a good introduction to the world of technical diving, with many of the topics covered during the course laying down the fundamentals for more advanced qualifications. This Specialty certification also counts as one of five Specialty certifications required for your Master Scuba Diver certification