Cardiff Scuba Course Comments

Below is a list of comments from the various courses held at Cardiff Scuba . If you wish to limit the courses shown to a specific course please select the course from the list below. I you have taken a course with us in the past six months then please feel free to submit your comments, we are always interested in feedback from our customers! To see a list of courses please see the upcoming courses page.


Here are some comments from our previous customers....

"One of the best (and not last) courses I have completed. Every session was fantastically awesome, whether in the pool or the quarry.

This has opened me to many more underwater adventures that I cannot wait to experience.

The instructors took safety and the course very seriously which made me feel more confident and secure during the course.

They were also such admirable and lovely people, which made the course extra enjoyable.

Thank you Cardiff Scuba!"

From Alexandra Radziejowska - SDI Openwater Diver, course taken February 2019

"What an experience !
I rate Cardiff Scuba and the whole team 10/10 !

The experience I had with Scuba Cardiff has been amazing , from the day me and my partner started making contact to enrol until the very last dive as part of our Open Water Course !

Rob made everything simple, objective and super easy to understand. Also assisted every time we needed in terms of practice or just having a couple of questions...

Rob also made us feel part of a diving family/community, something that grew so much in the past weeks that actually made us book the Advance Adventure Diving course already and really making me think to drop everything and pursue a diving career.

Thanks again !

Legend Rob !

See you in 2 weeks for Advanced !"

From Ricardo Torrao - SDI Openwater Diver, course taken February 2019

"Great team, good skills learned, thank's guys for you time end effort, all the best!"

From Marek Szczepanski - SDI Openwater Diver, course taken May 2018

"I have had an amazing last couple of weekends learning to become an open water diver. Rob, Simon, Julia and the team are so passionate about diving and teach in a professional and friendly way.

The Cardiff Scuba team are a brilliant laugh, and I can't wait to see them under the water again. If you want to learn to dive, and have fun doing it, I highly recommend Cardiff Scuba. "

From Tamina Piscopo - SDI Openwater Diver, course taken September 2017

"Well done guys.Thank you very much for the best experience ever.

Thank you for each one that helped me not get panic underwater and for believing that I could finished the course and enjoy at the same time.

Well done 👌🏻 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻

See you soon - From a new diver - Daniele Gomez 😂😂"

From Daniele Gomez - SDI Openwater Diver, course taken September 2017

"What a Blast this weekend was. So much fun, and so professional! Rob and the team are all friendly, helpful and with a great sense of humour.

Fantastic Instructors, all very knowledgeable and clearly passionate about diving.

Every time I was in the water I always felt extremely safe and confident, despite my bladder being an issue on the first dive.

"Emptying your bladder before a dive is always a good move - trust me".

Hopefully, this won't be the last they'll see of me - looking forward to doing more dives and getting more comfortable underwater.

Can't stress enough how much fun I've had and how much I've learnt; such an awesome course!

Thank you, Rob and the Team! "

From Daniel Gomez - SDI Openwater Diver, course taken September 2017

"Well what can I say............Thank you Rob you big ball of Scottish love for teaching me to dive.

The course was phenomenal from start to finish. The delivery was fun but serious all the way. The banter from the all the instructors made the course feel more relaxed and calmed the students while in the water.

Rob is an absolute belter of an instructor and Simon is a gem to compliment. The knowledge they have to pass on to students is beyond, and how they involve everyone into the group is a gift.

If anyone has any doubt about this course, don't, you'll love it from start to finish.

Can't wait to do my Advanced. Cheers guys. "

From Ryan Jones - SDI Openwater Diver, course taken September 2017

"Rob and his team have been fantastic teachers.

During my last training dive I became panicked and, although it was difficult, I was able to get through it due to the tutelage and support provided by Cardiff Scuba.

Rob's competence and confidence are exactly the qualities you need in a dive instructor in order to get you out of those stressful situations."

From Thomas Woolley - SDI Openwater Diver, course taken September 2017

"Thank you for looking after Maddie so well and giving her an excellent introduction to Diving.

She hopes to do the Advanced course with Rob, Julie, Simon and Eloise after her GCSE's next summer.

PS Sorry about hitting Simon with a fin the chocolate is in the post.

Cheers Coral and Owen"

From Coral And Owen - SDI Openwater Diver, course taken September 2017

"I did this course as an introduction to Scuba diving. Since completing and passing it have dived in the UK and overseas and found out just how addictive our hobby/sport really is. Thanks to Julia for the theory and to Rob and Simon for the practical diving at the N.D.A.C site.

Since doing the Open water course I have, this weekend, completed the S.D.I. Advanced Adventure Diver course and with the help of Rob, Mike, and Jack have passed the course. Therefore I would like to extend a huge THANK YOU to Rob and all the staff and instructors at Cardiff Scuba. "

From Dave Jones - SDI Openwater Diver, course taken May 2017

"Having tried a dive some time ago I decided to go for Open Water Diver training with my three children (12, 16 and 17).

Rob and the team's professionalism, confidence in us and their calm approach to training was exactly what I needed to make it relaxing and enjoyable.

Happy to recommend them for any 1 to 1, mixed age or family group - superb instruction!"

From Paul Stephens - SDI Openwater Diver, course taken August 2017

"This course provided me with the basic skills to get out and enjoy diving. I'd like to thank all the staff who helped make this such a fun experience. There is a lot to learn but you are in safe hands with the gang over at Cardiff Scuba.

Massive thank you to Rob who made our last Dive so much fun."

From Paul Vincent - SDI Openwater Diver, course taken May 2017

"Absolute belter of a course, final dive was a great experience.

Could be more clarity on timings of the course but apart from that its spot on, good instructors, good people, thanks guys!"

From Charlie Sleddon-plant - SDI Openwater Diver, course taken May 2017

"Was I apprehensive about diving? Yes. But as Cardiff Scuba will tell you: apprehensive is good. It shows you have respect for what you're taking on.

The team at Cardiff Scuba are amazing. I really liked instructor Julia. She was super helpful, although I didn't dive with her. Simon could not have been more accommodating. I did confined water with him, and felt brilliant afterwards. He just helped me to 'get it.'

Rob (or the Sergeant Major as I like to call him) is an absolute force of nature. He knew what I needed well before I did. Tough love, a calming word, a sit down on the naughty step, or a congratulatory shake of that gleaming head at a depth of 15 metres. He just knew what I needed to get through the dives, and for that I am truly grateful.

Today was hard, I won't lie. I made a lot of errors, a lot, and I stressed myself out a fair bit because of it. I trusted Rob absolutely when he said I'd have to repeat my final dive, although all I wanted to do was throw off the gear and mope. But had I done that I wouldn't have had the brilliant finale that I did.

Gliding through the water (ok, I might not have been that graceful), and doing it, Scuba diving, actually doing it and thinking, this is really, really cool.

Do I feel 100% confident now that I can shake a certificate at a dive master. Of course not. But I can progress and nail that buoyancy one day, respect the discipline and stay safe. And I really do have Cardiff Scuba to thank for all that."

From Steve Davies - SDI Openwater Diver, course taken May 2017

"I would firstly like to say a big thank you to Rob, Simon, Mark and all the other team members in Cardiff Scuba.

Having put a lot of thought into learning to scuba dive over the last year I am so happy I finally took the step into gaining my Open water with Cardiff scuba.

The whole experience was well thought out and organised. I felt extremely safe and was put at ease when I became a little nervous.

The course is tough and there is a lot to learn but you have the amazing support from fantastic experinced divers. I have fallen in love with diving and cannot wait to spend more time in the water with the Cardiff Scuba team!

Thank you once again! "

From Samah Taylor - SDI Openwater Diver, course taken May 2017