Cardiff Scuba Course Comments

Below is a list of comments from the various courses held at Cardiff Scuba . If you wish to limit the courses shown to a specific course please select the course from the list below. I you have taken a course with us in the past six months then please feel free to submit your comments, we are always interested in feedback from our customers! To see a list of courses please see the upcoming courses page.


Here are some comments from our previous customers....

"What a brilliant course thanks to the delivery by the fantastic team at Cardiff Scuba! I am not usually given to overly enthusiastic praise but I would happily recommend these guys with absolutely no hesitation at all.

I felt quite nervous in the pool but despite their obvious expertise and experience, Rob, Simon and Elouise haven't forgotten what it is like for beginners and put us at ease from the first moment. The support and help continued from every single one of the other instructors and helpers we met along the way. I was never made to feel silly, always had questions answered fully and was made to feel part of the team from the beginning.

The clear thread running throughout this very relaxed but professionally delivered course is the student's safety. Safety is drilled in with seriousness and consistency. Far from making it a chore, however, the fact that you are working in such a safe framework creates space for a huge amount of fun.

I felt respected and welcomed from the first moment. The guys are fun, professional and clearly passionate about diving. The only downside (for them) is that they won't be able to get rid of me. I'll be keeping in touch and signing up for more very soon.

Thank you guys!

From Leighton Hazell-smart - PADI Openwater Diver, course taken July 2017

"Had an amazing couple of weekends doing this course. The course was really well run, I'm so glad we did the course with Cardiff Scuba. They were really professional, but also really friendly.

Was great to know/feel that we were in safe hands throughout, Rob and Simon were fantastic and made the course fun as well as helping us learn and remember all the important skills. All the others that supported were really helpful and gave tips and pointers, which were much appreciated.

The final dive today was such an amazing experience so thank you so much for opening up a whole new world for us!!

Can't wait to see everyone again to tag along for some more dives and would love to do the advanced course next. And then... and then... Really excited to continue this adventure and would love that to be with Cardiff Scuba. "

From Daniel Hazell-smart - PADI Openwater Diver, course taken July 2017

"I just wanted to say what an absolutely brilliant course which was undertaken by Rob and Simon. My special thanks goes to Jack who helped me through my first pool session and then it was a pleasure to be taught by Simon who got me through the rest of my pool sessions. He was so calm and patient with me which I am very grateful for.

The theory with Rob was very relaxed and very structured, he went through everything to make sure we understood everything and if we were unsure he would go over it until we were happy.

The exam itself went very smoothly and I felt very confident with Simon by my side and taking me through the exam.

I would definately recommend Cardiff Scuba, everyone I have met was very professional and very knowledgeable and I will be back to do my advanced when I have enough dives under my belt.

Thank you guys you are all one in a million x "

From Samantha Topham - PADI Openwater Diver, course taken July 2017

"If you are looking for the best instructor led PADI Open Water course, look no further. Rob and his team will guide you through this experience with skill, knowledge, humour, personal care and most of all safety first. In our first Open Water session at NDAC we had five instructors for six students. You will feel safe at all times in these guys hands.

It was a fantastic experience start to finish. Thank you so much."

From Nick Carter - PADI Openwater Diver, course taken July 2017

"I thoroughly enjoyed the course.
I had one to one tution from Simon in the pool and open water session. I respected his professionalism and particularly his patience with me. It was clear that my safety was paramount and if you didnt grasp a skill at first he would build up your confidence until the skill was mastered. Great team of dedicated guys.


From Steve - PADI Openwater Diver, course taken August 2017

"I was worried about the theory but having done the homework and with Robs help I passed, then came the exciting bit.

The pool sessions were great but the open water experience was fantastic. I intend to continue to dive with Rob and his diving colleagues.

Mum and dad were really impressed by their professionalism and the fact that safety was paramount at all times.

James (Aged 15)"

From James Lush - PADI Openwater Diver, course taken August 2017

"Serious and enjoyable course with professionals who make you feel safe and challenge you to bring out the best in you. Definitely recommended."

From Christoph Fischer - PADI Openwater Diver, course taken August 2017

"Great course, had a great time and the teaching was excellent. Will almost certainly be back to future courses."

From Alfie Dobson - PADI Openwater Diver, course taken August 2017

"Best course I have done to date! Would strongly recommend Cardiff Scuba.

Rob and Simon were fantastic Instructors, both very knowledgeable. I always felt at ease and extremely safe with Rob at hand during my open water dives.

I undoubtedly have the diving bug thanks to Cardiff Scuba and will be returning soon to do Padi Advanced.

A big thank you Gents!!!

From Lee - PADI Openwater Diver, course taken July 2017

"Such an awesome course! So much fun, and so professional! Rob and the team are all friendly, helpful and outright amazing!

The theory sessions were delivered in a relaxed interactive atmosphere, where everything was explained well and easy to understand. the pool sessions were the same.

The open water dives with Rob will stay with me for the rest of my life! I felt comfortable, safe and in great hands at all times.

I'm so glad I decided to do it, I've had an absolutely awesome time! I can't wait to get back in!"

From Joel Rees - PADI Openwater Diver, course taken July 2017

"I would like to thank Rob and the rest of the team for a really good time that I had with them. The course was carried out in a friendly and peaceful atmosphere. I had problems with a buoyancy but thanks to help and tips from the crew I manage to overcome that.
I would definitely recommend the Cardiff Scuba to anyone who would like to start their adventure with scuba diving.

From Artur - PADI Openwater Diver, course taken June 2017

"Our thanks to Rob, Simon, Mike and the rest of the team for delivering a great course in a friendly and informal manner.

We both feel that we learnt a lot over the two weekends and felt that it was delivered in a student-centred manner.

Would definitely recommend Cardiff Scuba to others looking to learn to dive or aiming to advance their knowledge.

All the best.

From Ash & Georgie - PADI Openwater Diver, course taken June 2017

"What an amazing way to spend a couple of weekends! Cardiff scuba taught the course brilliantly and they also managed the group really well, ensuring everyone had a wonderful time.

I couldn't imagine doing my advanced open water anywhere else. "

From Jay Gravatt - PADI Openwater Diver, course taken June 2017

"A really great experience learning to dive with Rob, Simon and the rest of the team, thanks guys.

A very knowledgeable team and they are great at teaching in a fun, safe way. I had a great time and will be back for more soon.

I have definitely been bitten by the diving bug thanks to Cardiff Scuba. :)"

From Andy Scott - PADI Openwater Diver, course taken June 2017

"Awesome course - turns out diving in a quarry is nowhere near as cold as we thought it would be!

Really friendly and helpful instructors, and had loads of fun.

Cannot wait to dive again!"

From Tom Renner, Merit Bruckmaier - PADI Openwater Diver, course taken June 2017

"Excellent course! Rob and Simon were especially helpful. After having a nervous first open water dive I was taught by Rob who helped me get through everything calmly and efficiently! "

From Alex - PADI Openwater Diver, course taken May 2017

"Thank you Rob, Simon, Gareth and Mike for a great course! From start to finish I felt relaxed well informed and looked after, gradually building up my confidence through the theory right up until the last open water dive today.

Having felt quite apprehensive at the beginning of yesterday before the open water dives, I was put at ease by Rob and the team and instantly felt relaxed as soon as I was in the water.

The theory and pool session last week had put me in good stead for this weekend and was guided through the training by Rob to complete the open water dives earlier on today.

Thank you all for your help, now I can head off on my surprise honeymoon in the hope of doing some more diving!!"

From Milly Stowey - PADI Openwater Diver, course taken April 2017

"Amazing personal challenge made even more amazing thanks to Rob, Simon and the team. The course isn't hard although it is involved and safety is paramount as you and those around you will agree 100%.

A very supportive and paternal environment reflective of the competency and empathy the school promotes and expects from the instructors and assistant staff who are with you all the way.

This course was paid for by accumulative birthday gift donations so not forgetting future diving accessories, all donations for any occasion will be very well received :-) to be purchased from Rob at Cardiff Scuba of course!

Happy diving buddies :-)"

From Wayne James Fearn - PADI Openwater Diver, course taken April 2017

"Despite my nerves and apprehension Rob and his exceptionally professional team have equipped me with skills to access a whole new world.
Rob certainly lives up to his title Master Instructor - what an incredible teacher!
I'm so pleased that I chose Cardiff Scuba to complete my open water course; they're the nicest people you could ever hope to meet and I trusted them implicitly.
The amount of information you have to absorb is overwhelming at first but you soon realise that the knowledge and understanding is a safety necessity.
Julia and Jack were excellent in enabling me to put all the theory that I had learnt from Simon in to practice during the pool training sessions.
The weekend at the National Diving & Activity Centre was daunting to begin with, however thanks to Simon with his brilliant sense of humour and patient teaching manner I felt supported and was put at ease in completing the dives.
I've had great laughs on this course and also met fantastic friends who looked after one another like we were a family. "

From Jemma Evans - PADI Openwater Diver, course taken March 2017

"A massive Thank You to Rob, Simon and the team. It was a pleasure to be taught by you all. Very professional and full of laughter. Constantly felt reassured and under no pressure. Had some buoyancy issues at first but in totally capable hands. By the time we had hit the quarry we was as good as ready. Well done to the rest of the group too. Here's to many years of fun. Thanks again guys. "

From Chris Turner - PADI Openwater Diver, course taken March 2017

"A wonderful experience thanks to the warm, friendly and patient staff at Cardiff Scuba.

As expected there was a lot to learn, but not expected was the amount of fun that was had doing so.

With Cardiif Scuba I feel I've joined a club and made some friends, at the same time as beginning my SCUBA adventure. Thanks everyone.

I will be back to practice my diving skills and also plan to take further training with CS when ready."

From Martin Ellick - PADI Openwater Diver, course taken March 2017

"Epic experience! So thankful to Rob, Simon and all the team for opening the underwater world! They coach and mentor you superbly, that fills you with great confidence when you're underwater.
The whole course provided nothing but great value to apply whilst diving, right from the get go.
I will be back soon to do my Advanced!"

From James Trigg - PADI Openwater Diver, course taken April 2017

"Fantastic Course!!!

Just want to say a massive thank you to Rob and the team for a fantastic experience. I can honestly say that Rob is one of the best educators I have ever come across. Very knowledgable and patient.

My 13 year old son was also on the course and was treated like an adult from start to finish and he loved the course.

It's safe to say we've caught the bug and will be back for more.

Thanks to all the team - you were great!!!"

From Dave & Dylan Williams - PADI Openwater Diver, course taken March 2017

"If your looking to this course, look no further. I really enjoyed it from start to finish.

It was at times very challenging to my limits, but with Rob and Simon by your side you're sure to be able to reach your depths.

I can't thank the guys enough for their patience and their skills at teaching. I really did and still do feel part of something, and hope to dive with them again soon. "

From Kelly - PADI Openwater Diver, course taken March 2017


Words can not describe how brilliant Rob and Simon are. They are the most welcoming, friendly, funny, patient guys I have ever met!

I can't thank them enough for all the support and thorough training they have provided me and the aftercare that they also offer (Tag-along Dives etc).
After having issues on Day 1 of the Open Water Dive with my mask flooding throughout the day and not being able to equalise I become very anxious but Rob helped me through this, all the way, by helping me relax, control my breathing and just being there to support me.

I plan to carry out my Advanced Course with Rob and Simon in the future when I am comfortable (but still cautious) diving at 18m.

Again, words can not describe how amazing these guys are and how hard they work to make people like me feel comfortable and safe and most of all enjoy the experience!"

From Chris Green - PADI Openwater Diver, course taken April 2017


I would like to take this opportunity to thank Rob and all his team for making me feel so welcome and safe throughout the whole course.

Rob and his team of instructors were very thorough in guiding me to complete the course with the end result of feeling confident to dive within my limits.

I will be booking my advanced open water course next month and really look forward to returning.. very fun but professional at the same time so I would highly recommend them!

Thanks again!


From Jason Davis - PADI Openwater Diver, course taken March 2017

"If you are considering this before doing it abroad, DO IT IMMEDIATELY WITH ROBAND HIS TEAMAT CARDIFF SCUBA.

The course is VERY thorough and the perfect blend of fun/banter and serious aspects of the course.

You will need to follow Robs advice and get into the books, so if you're not willing to put the homework hours in, then I wouldn't bother. But it's easily covered and not bad to learn if you listen to him.

Practical sessions are awesome, with all of the team at Cardiff Scuba not only sticking to good standards but clearly all skilled to the highest levels themselves.

You are in safe hands as we saw first hand in the Chepstow diving centre when the Cardiff Scuba crew attended a search for a 'missing diver' from a different group, who was subsequently found with no issues.


From Stuart Ball Aka Scuba Stu - PADI Openwater Diver, course taken March 2017

"We cannot thank Rob, Simon and the two Mike's enough for their time with us over the past few weeks. I had not dived in ten years (so needed a Refresher course) and my partner Nathan wanted to do his Openwater as we are off to Australia diving next week. Following a trial dive for Nathan, Rob was so accommodating and fitted us in, to the point that Mike did our theory on a bank holiday - thank you so much!

Simon took the lead in the pool session and for anyone thinking about doing a course with these guys, we can honestly say that the instruction is Excellent. Simon has an exceptional teaching manner and is so very clear underwater.

We spent two days at NDAC in Chepstow with our quilted under-suits under the dry suits to keep us warm in January! The team were amazing with both of us and we thank Rob, Simon, Mike and Mike for patience and superb instruction. Special mention to Rob and Mike for helping and encouraging me to get out of the water!

If you are thinking of diving, we highly recommend Cardiff Scuba team.
Liane and Nathan"

From Liane Sheppard And Nathan Manley - PADI Openwater Diver, course taken January 2017

"I started the PADI Open Water course this December with some trepidation, as I had very little diving experience.

My mind was put at ease immediately with Cardiff Scuba's thorough approach to teaching. I felt as though I was in very safe hands.

The tough love approach applied in the water was very appropriate, we were after all embarking on an activity which is potentially dangerous if not carried out properly.

The structure of the course and the immersive approach suited me very well.

Though very challenging I enjoyed the course very much and am contemplating furthering my underwater skills.

Thank you Rob and the team at Cardiff Scuba!


From Celyn Hughes - PADI Openwater Diver, course taken December 2016

"I would like to thank Rob and all the team for the wonderful teaching and training throughout my time learning at Cardiff Scuba. Everything from the theory to the pool sessions and the open water dives, it was a fantastic experience that I don't regret.

At first, I was very apprehensive about diving as it is something way out of my comfort zone. However, Rob and the team helped me overcome the fear and provided clear and brilliant information on everything from the dangers to the skills.

The teaching was very thorough and while there was a serious side to it, it was a relaxed environment that meant it was fun and educational.

From taking my first breath underwater, to the last swim of the course, it is an experience that I will never forget and if anyone is looking to start diving, I highly recommend anyone to take this course with Cardiff Scuba!"

From Jack Jopson - PADI Openwater Diver, course taken December 2016