Cardiff Scuba Course Comments

Below is a list of comments from the various courses held at Cardiff Scuba . If you wish to limit the courses shown to a specific course please select the course from the list below. I you have taken a course with us in the past six months then please feel free to submit your comments, we are always interested in feedback from our customers! To see a list of courses please see the upcoming courses page.


Here are some comments from our previous customers....

"Thanks to Ian & Scott for another great Cardiff Scuba course, this time Wreck Diving.

Fab weekend diving with safety always being No.1 priority. Brilliant location at Fort Bovisand.

As my first time diving with Ian and Scott, I felt very safe with their knowledge and expertise with wreck diving & wreck penetration.

Thanks to all who made 'The team', Rachel, Russ, John, Andrea & Chris.

This was my 6th course with Cardiff Scuba, can't wait for my 7th.


From Paul Harris - PADI Wreck Diver , course taken July 2009

"A big thanks to Ian & Scott for making the Wreck Diver course a great experience. With safety paramount, as always when diving with Cardiff Scuba.

Even though the weather conditions were not the best and the viz wasn't great, seeing the ships emerge from the depths was an amazing sight.

I feel much more confident and prepared to dive outside a wreck. After the wreck penetration of the Scylla I'm sure I silted out the whole ship.... sorry!!

Apologies if my snoring kept anyone awake, but I was only trying to compete with Kev (I didn't win either).

Thanks also to Paul, Russ, John, Andrea and Chris for making it a great team. Not forgetting Skipper Dave from Discovery Divers on Fort Bovisand for the assistance before, during & after the dives.

Cheers All.


From Rachel Evans - PADI Wreck Diver , course taken July 2009

"The professionalism shown by Ian and the team throughout the course must be commended. The comprehensive instruction and support I recieved during the course sets the standard for others to follow. The instruction, information and techniques were presented from instructors that are masters of their subject, the dives were challenging, each stage built on the previous one and gave me a solid apreciation of how challenging and rewarding wreck diving is. The course culminated with a wreck penetration that showed me if it can go wrong it will go wrong, with a reel jamming followed by a total siltout (my fault) everything remained calm, I was safe in the knowlege that Ian was hovering close by to offer assistance if I needed it. Such was the confidence in the training I had recieved the only assistance required was to untangle the birdsnest of a reel back on the boat (sorry Ian). Overall it was an awsome weekend with a great team of students supported by a great team of professionals. Thanks
Andy H"

From Andy Hoseason - PADI Wreck Diver , course taken September 2008

"Just returned from a weekend in Plymouth doing the Wreck Diver Speciality.
This course was quite an 'eye opener' - even if you never intend to actually go inside a wreck the things that you learn about hazzards and the skills needed just for exploring outside a wreck are invaluable.
The tuition was great, we had amazing weather, the group worked hard but had so much fun too - a really great weekend.
Thanks Ian, Richard and Mark.
Congratulations and thanks to Andy, Mark, Ian, Jason and Jen."

From Ceri Murphy - PADI Wreck Diver , course taken September 2008

"This course is an excellent introduction to wreck diving and a must for those wishing to go down the wreck diving path.
I would however also recommend it to anyone diving in UK waters as at some point there's a very high chance that you'll end up doing a wreck dive, whether that's a side of diving you wanted to follow or not. Having an understanding of the possible hazards and safety guidelines to follow can only be a benefit to yourself.

The tuition and leadership from Ian is as always second to none and what with Richard and Chris there as well, the safety and welfare of the students is always highly maintained whilst making the course thoroughly enjoyable from start to finish.

Thanks to all the other lads on the course for making it a course and weekend to remember.


From Marc Bevan - PADI Wreck Diver , course taken June 2008

"A demanding but extremely rewarding weekend and, as usual with Cardiff Scuba, first class training from Ian, Rich and Chris. Not only did I learn loads about wreck diving, but I also learned loads about diving more generally - and will be a better diver as a result - thanks guys!

Thanks to the rest of my 'classmates' too - it was really enjoyable diving with you."

From Alun Morgan - PADI Wreck Diver , course taken June 2008

"The Wreck diving course is probably the most challenging but rewarding diving I have ever done. Even travelling to the dive site was a great experience, "rocketing" across the water in a 310bhp Ex SAS Boat followed by penetrating an ex-naval wreck this course had all the right elements for the adrenaline junky. Ian Mills has a fantastic way of conveying dive information and demonstrates complete command of his chosen subject. 10 out of 10. Dan"

From Daniel Ferrett - PADI Wreck Diver , course taken June 2008

"This course is a superb introduction to the fascinating world of underwater wrecks.
As with any course at Cardiff Scuba the instruction is second to none.
The emphasis as always is safety and enjoyment.
Many thanks to the instructor Ian, and also to Richard & Chris who offered fantastic support and advice throughout.
Thanks to everyone else on the course for a great weekend."

From Shane Matthews - PADI Wreck Diver , course taken June 2008

"The leadership and support provided by Ian, Richard and Chris resulted in a testing but enjoyable wreck diving experience.

A great course to help build diving confidence.

Thanks guys,

Paul Jones.


From Paul Jones - PADI Wreck Diver , course taken June 2008