Cardiff Scuba Course Comments

Below is a list of comments from the various courses held at Cardiff Scuba . If you wish to limit the courses shown to a specific course please select the course from the list below. I you have taken a course with us in the past six months then please feel free to submit your comments, we are always interested in feedback from our customers! To see a list of courses please see the upcoming courses page.


Here are some comments from our previous customers....

"What can I say?

I’ve waited nearly 8yrs to do this course because other commitments prevented me. Now finally got there. From start to finish Rob / Simon and all the guys helping us through and being firm when required. Very patient to explain parts not understood at first.

Our fellow students in the group were all fantastic. Thank you for your support and I will see you soon.

PS - Anyone thinking of doing a course, these guys are the best. Many thanks - John. "

From John Foley - PADI Openwater Diver, course taken October 2019

"Just finished my open water course with Rob, Simon and the rest of the team.This is a great scuba centre to learn to dive with. Very helpful an very patient.

We were made to feel relaxed from the start in the theory sessions to the pool and then the open water sessions at NDAC. Highly recommended."

From Paul Foley - PADI Openwater Diver, course taken October 2019

"10/10 dive school, highly recommend.

Rob Sutherland is an amazing instructor. Simon also was brilliant as was the rest of the team.

The Classroom work was fun and firm with the learning aspect.

As an amputee learning to dive I was very nervous about getting in the water, but Rob and the team made some adjustments to the practical processes and made me feel safe all times.

The students were a good friendly bunch and gelled well.

Highly recommend Cardiff Scuba. I will be doing further courses with them. "

From Jamie Hayman - PADI Openwater Diver, course taken October 2019

"Well structured classroom course delivered by Simon, who had plenty of time to reinforce the knowledge needed for the theory exam. Alternative learning material provided in the form of a book and DVD’s to assist all learning needs.

I was lucky to have my practical tuition led by a large Scottish chap called Rob, who was extremely knowledgeable and who was both firm and fun.

Rob made me remember important factors in what is a very serious hobby.

I highly recommend Cardiff Scuba for anyone at any level. In fact I would score them 11/10.

High standard of equipment provided and excellent value for money.

Above all I have thoroughly enjoyed my experience with them.

P.S. please can I have some discount on a pair of goggles 😎.

I will keep in touch. "

From Sion - PADI Openwater Diver, course taken August 2019

"Big thanks to Rob, Simon and the team for guidance through the course. It was much more challenging than I thought but their patience and professionalism were first class. Big thanks to all."

From Paul Evans - PADI Openwater Diver, course taken August 2019

"From start to finish of this Open Water course I felt in exceptionally safe and in experienced hands.

Rob and his team are amazing- they not only ensure you know everything you need to know about diving - they also ensure you can do everything practically before your first Open Water dive.

Your safety with this team is paramount. You are told so many more things than you can learn from a book. Your given the knowledge of a team who have completed many hundreds of dives and if you are unsure they explain and show you exactly what to do to give you the confidence to complete your dives.

Not only have I come away with confidence and more knowledge than I thought I would have, I also come away with memories of an incredibly fun and informative couple of days

I would recommend Cardiff Scuba to everyone as the experience is simply incredible."

From Shaun Townsend - PADI Openwater Diver, course taken August 2019

"My 15 year old son has just completed his PADI Advanced Open Water course with Cardiff Scuba following on from his Open Water 2 years ago.

As a non diving Mum I was wary of him wanting to learn to dive however from the first meeting with Rob at the "Try a dive" pool session all my anxieties disappeared. Rob and all the instructors that have been involved in the two courses have been meticulous with their teaching and the actual diving whether at the pool or at the NDAC.

The ratio of instructors to students is excellent. The course is delivered in a relaxed and fun way by all the team whilst the emphasis is on safety.

Thank you Rob and team - Oscar will be back for more diving at Cardiff Scuba!!"

From Siân Harrison - PADI Advanced Open Water, course taken July 2019

"Completed Advanced Open Water with Cardiff Scuba this weekend.

Course was well structured, which meant that each dive of the course was adding skill to the previous dive. Plus it was great fun!

Safety was such an obvious priority. Student to Instructor/Divemaster ratio was great - two - Instructor and Divemaster - to each student.

Many thanks to Rob, Brennig, Andrew and James for a great weekend.


From Ian Hanson - PADI Advanced Open Water, course taken July 2019

"My 14yr old daughter and I have just completed this course over two weekends.

A huge thank-you to Rob and the team. We both really enjoyed the course and they couldn’t have been more supportive. My daughter absolutely loved it and we both felt we were in excellent hands at all times.

I couldn’t recommend it more. Thank you and see you soon. "

From Jon Jones - PADI Openwater Diver, course taken July 2019

"Cardiff scuba and the whole team were first class start to finish.

Lots of focus around safety, but a lots of fun to be had whilst learning.

Rob is real professional who runs a tight ship. Be sure to pay attention to all information, otherwise you'll end up owing a lot of chocolate fines.

Would definitely recommend. Thanks you Cardiff Scuba .

From David Atkins - PADI Openwater Diver, course taken July 2019

"Cardiff Scuba have been fantastic.

I was initially extremely nervous and Rob was very patient and provided the reassurance I needed. The team who I have dived with have also been fantastic providing advice and tips.

Would definitely recommend!

I travelled from Essex to take the course due to their reputation and they certainly live up to their 5* rating! Thank you Rob! "

From Michael Higgins - PADI Openwater Diver, course taken July 2019

"A challenging course, with realistic actions and scenarios. Very educational and extremely rewarding.

I couldn’t have felt more comfortable with Cardiff Scuba. With so much safety cover and experience surrounding us I felt totally at ease.

Cardiff scuba really do place you in a comfortable atmosphere. With staff and volunteers so friendly and close I really felt like part of the gang. "

From Anthony Williams - PADI Rescue Diver, course taken June 2019

"Great course - lots of ground covered but with Rob's previous experience this becomes ever more impactful. Having done first aid before I can say I feel more confident and much clearer having done it again! Really worth doing"

From Richard Godfrey - EFR Emergency First Response - Full Course, course taken May 2019

"What a course - everyone says that it's tough but true! The course really gets you to focus on those around you and how to be a safe and effective RD.

If your developing as a diver this is a total must as you experience things that you hope you wont have to in your day to day dives, but my word, you are you better prepared for it if it does ever happen!

Level up has been used on a previous comment - hardest and most rewarding course since doing Open Water!!!

Thanks to Rob and all the fantastic support team for their encouragement, support and patience over the last two days.

Special call out to James (DMT) who was great - good luck on your ongoing development and thanks for being challenging yet supportive!

Excellent two days! "

From Richard Godfrey - PADI Rescue Diver, course taken June 2019

"By far the most challenging, humbling but rewarding course!

I had a fantastic weekend with Rob and his gang. I would recommend the course to all divers and urge anyone considering to simply ‘do it’.

Thanks to everyone in involved for your knowledge, support and humour."

From Tom - PADI Rescue Diver, course taken June 2019

"I was tempted to do this course abroad but due to my previous training with Rob and all the staff at Cardiff Scuba I felt that because of the importance of in depth, safe guidance that I have always recieved from Cardiff Scuba that I would train with these guys once again.

I knew that the course was not going to be easy but this only added to the satisfaction of passing. I look forward to fine tuning the skills that I have learned to increase my confidence and efficiency in the near future.

Once again thank you very much to Rob and his amazing team and look forward to catching up with you all soon."

From Kitt Kendell - PADI Rescue Diver, course taken June 2019

"Very well presented course.

I have been on several previous first aid courses through my employers, but this is the first time the instruction seemed to relate to actual real life situations.

The course was delivered by Rob who has a lot of background in the medical field and this showed through with interesting stories of real life past events and techniques.

Thank you Rob and Cardiff Scuba once again for an excellent course"

From Kitt Kendell - EFR Emergency First Response - Full Course, course taken May 2019

"Recently completed my Advanced Open Water course with Cardiff Scuba. Simon was instructing and was very well supported by the team.

The whole team made me feel very much at ease during the course.

Looking forward to using my new skills in the coming months and who knows, maybe another course next year."

From Gary Smith - PADI Advanced Open Water, course taken May 2019

"Very grateful to Rob, Simon and all the other helpers for their teaching and guidance during the Openwater Diver course I completed recently.

The course was fun throughout and it was clear that safety was always the first priority. I’d highly recommend Cardiff Scuba to anyone wanting to do their first Scuba course."

From Matthew Soanes - SDI Openwater Diver, course taken May 2019

"A massive thank you to Instructor Simon Kirkham-Jones, ably assisted by the support team of Lauren and James for guiding me to complete the PADI Advanced Open Water Diver course.

The training and advice was given in a clear and relatable way not only on course topics but all manner of useful dive information was simply- Priceless.

I look forward to arranging further courses from Cardiff Scuba and extend my knowledge and experience in this fascinating activity.

From Paul Bricknell - PADI Advanced Open Water, course taken May 2019

"Really great course, went from a beginner to completely confident to go diving.

Massive thanks to Rob, Simon and all the other instructors and rescue divers that oversaw the course.

Always felt like I was in safe hands and would recommend to anyone who wants to get into the world of Scuba diving."

From Charles Bainbridge - PADI Openwater Diver, course taken April 2019

"Huge thanks to Rob, Simon and the team for introducing me to the world of Scuba!

Great teaching techniques, never overloading you with information, allowing you to develop skills naturally. I never felt overwhelmed or unsafe.

I've had a fantastic couple of weekends and will definitely be back to do my Advanced Openwater and beyond!"

From Josh Hopkinson - PADI Openwater Diver, course taken April 2019

"A huge thank you to Rob, Simon, and all the team at Cardiff Scuba . At every stage they were patient, knowledgable, and were a calming influence!

For sure, I’ll be back for more - couldn’t recommend highly enough!"

From Ian Hanson - PADI Openwater Diver, course taken April 2019

"Thanks to both Rob and Brennig for a thorough and enjoyable rescue course.

Definitely the biggest jump in intensity of the courses but thoroughly interesting and very realistic and I feel I have developed greatly as a diver.

Would definitely recommend Cardiff Scuba for any scuba courses as you definitely feel you have worked for the course rather than just turning up!"

From Alex Joseph - PADI Rescue Diver, course taken March 2019

"A massive thank you to Cardiff Scuba with special thanks to Simon Kirkham-Jones. What an amazing, patient and knowledgeable instructor he is. From the classroom to the final dive Simon made the experience fun, exiting and safe.

I feel confident to dive again with a buddy and I started as a complete novice.

Thanks also to the Dive Master Brennig and TDM Andrew for stepping in to help me when I needed them.

I thoroughly recommend Cardiff Scuba's PADI Open Water course."

From Andy Reid - PADI Openwater Diver, course taken March 2019

"Such a fantastic course and experience. Rob and his team made every effort to make the training fun and informative in theory sessions, pool sessions and the final dives in the quarry. They always made sure everyone was happy and confident with what they were doing, and were very patient if anyone was struggling.

I am so grateful to them all and plan to be back in the future to further my training!
Couldn't recommend Cardiff Scuba more! "

From Chloe Lake - PADI Openwater Diver, course taken November 2018

"Had an amazing time diving with Rob and the Cardiff Scuba team! They made diving into a freezing quarry at 9am a right laugh.

Thank you to Simon & Brennig, they were amazing. I felt totally safe diving in open water even though I'd only met them a few days earlier.

Simon was an utter delight, he even went the extra mile to help me with some difficult math problems.

I don't have a single negative thing to say about the experience, I'm actually sad to see it go, and I feel confident to go diving in the future.

10/10 would recommend x "

From Lydia - PADI Openwater Diver, course taken January 2019

"Thank you to everyone at Cardiff scuba!

Had a brilliant experience and found the team very supportive and friendly!

Special thanks to Rob who helped calm my nerves, allowing me to achieve my open water qualification!

Brilliant experience, would highly recommend "

From Emily Bellamey-todd - PADI Openwater Diver, course taken January 2019

"Absolutely loved the course. The instructors are brilliant and very supportive!

Couldn’t have asked for a better experience!

Thank you to the team, and a special thank you to Rob! Rob was particularly helpful in calming my nerves, and helped me ease into doing the skills in the open water dives!

Thanks again to all involved! Extremely happy to say I’ve passed and had a great time in doing so! "

From Emily Bellamey Todd - PADI Openwater Diver, course taken January 2019

"One of the best (and not last) courses I have completed. Every session was fantastically awesome, whether in the pool or the quarry.

This has opened me to many more underwater adventures that I cannot wait to experience.

The instructors took safety and the course very seriously which made me feel more confident and secure during the course.

They were also such admirable and lovely people, which made the course extra enjoyable.

Thank you Cardiff Scuba!"

From Alexandra Radziejowska - SDI Openwater Diver, course taken February 2019