Conditions of Hire

  1. Anyone who hires kit form us will be asked to sign an 'agreement form'. This contains points relating to liability issues, lost or broken kit, miss-use of kit, late returning of kit and other items.  We would ask that everyone reads it thoroughly before signing it.
  2. Please be aware that we will ask for a deposit for the hire of exposure suits (Both semi drys and Drysuits)
  3. PLEASE wash all kit before you return it. This just involves rinsing it in a bath of cold water and then letting it dry off somewhere. Ensure dust-caps are in place.
  4. Please return kit on the agreed date. This can be subject to change, but only if agreed with the shop first. Late kit will be subject to extra charges.
  5. Possibly most important of all.... All of our kit is in very good condition. It is all inspected and serviced regularly. This is how you will receive it. Any damaged or lost kit is the responsibility of the person who hired it.
  6. In the past, some people have lent hired kit to someone else. This has created huge confusion for us in the shop and so we have to ask people not to do this. Whilst we appreciate that it is all done in good faith, it can create problems for us. Again we would remind you, that the person hiring the kit is responsible for all of it being returned.

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